What Super Bowl 51 Taught Us

By Charity Hagains MA, LPC-S

Superbowl 51 is officially in the books as the greatest comeback in NFL history; and while many people were focused on the field, the rest of us were drawn into the commercials.  There was a definite theme to this year’s marketing in between plays.  Equality, diversity, and inclusion took center stage throughout America’s most watched game.  As our country struggles to maintain unity, the advertisers took this opportunity to highlight messages of encouragement and remind us we each belong and are valuable members of a whole.  While most of the evening I thought about the truth in that theme, I also wondered if we, as a society, could do more to help others understand what that message looks like in practice.  

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How to find Hope in the New Year


By Charity Hagains MA LPC-S


Each new year brings with it an opportunity for growth and change.  Resolutions become cemented over a bowl of black-eyed peas for luck, in an effort to motivate us into becoming the “better” versions of ourselves.  In my office, I encourage people to stay away from these hardened resolute goals.  “Lose 10lbs, drink more water, eat healthier, save X amount of dollars, finally do that thing you’ve been putting off doing.” While these are not bad ideas, to the contrary they are great, they tend to set us on a path of perfectionism rather than motivate us for long lasting profound change.  The idea that happiness lies just on the other side of this achievement and once there life can truly begin, is a potentially disastrous notion that keeps us from happiness in this moment.  

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How to Fight Holiday Fatigue

Now that the holidays are officially over many of us are left with holiday fatigue, or more precisely, “I have had enough of my family,” syndrome. Whatever you want to call it, we can all relate to feelings of exhaustion post-holiday celebration.

There are a multitude of reasons we become overwhelmed with holiday cheer and then later feel jet lagged. For example, you set high expectations of what the holidays will be like, how family get togethers will go, the kids reactions to gifts, or the complements on your painstakingly put together holiday feast. On the front end, the planning and execution of such events takes a large amount of energy from us, and most likely, that energy was not replenished by the outcome of the holidays, aka your expectations were not met. This can leave you feeling drained and lacking in motivation (insert sweeping declaration of “I will never do this again!”)

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Welcome to Noyau Wellness Nutrition Focus

Welcome to Noyau Wellness Nutrition Focus.   

My name is Dori Coetzee, a dietitian that loves to work with food and people. We can help you with food issues.  

This month we are in the thick of the Holiday Season.   All that shopping, whether for food or for presents, can be hectic.

When it comes to grocery shopping, we can help.

Take a look at this link from the Los Angeles Times, on how a Dr or dietitian can help you grocery shop.  Your Dr or Dietitian will shop with you at the grocery store

The store is a great place to help people get information on healthy eating.  Touring a store once is not enough though to change established habits. We have set up the month of January for weekly tours, menus and recipes for a new healthy style of living that  can be adopted.

As the New Year comes into place, watch for the Grocery store food tours that will help you get the best possible start to the New Year. Get ready to get started come January 2.




Healing Post Election

The past week has been a difficult time for many Americans.  No matter which party drew your allegiance during this election, there is likely a good deal of healing that needs to happen for you to feel whole again.  During the process of deciding who our next governing President would be, a divide has been created across the country, in our communities, and even in our own homes. Conflicting ideals meant to represent such a diverse population often cause this type of hurt.  The idea that we must all agree is a high expectation to place on any group.  In a nation as large and encompassing as the United States of America, that expectation becomes impossible to achieve.

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