April Nutrition Classes


At Noyau, we believe that fulfillment comes through a balanced and comprehensive approach to lifestyle management. Incorporating aspects of both the body and mind, our clients experience life-long change, not fleeting results. Through a collaborative relationship, we work with our clients to design a balanced lifestyle unique to their individual self.



Presented by Dori Coetzee, MS, RDN, in pursuit of finding the right foods for you. Our classes are undergoing continuous enhancements that are based on the latest research.

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What Super Bowl 51 Taught Us

By Charity Hagains MA, LPC-S

Superbowl 51 is officially in the books as the greatest comeback in NFL history; and while many people were focused on the field, the rest of us were drawn into the commercials.  There was a definite theme to this year’s marketing in between plays.  Equality, diversity, and inclusion took center stage throughout America’s most watched game.  As our country struggles to maintain unity, the advertisers took this opportunity to highlight messages of encouragement and remind us we each belong and are valuable members of a whole.  While most of the evening I thought about the truth in that theme, I also wondered if we, as a society, could do more to help others understand what that message looks like in practice.  

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How to find Hope in the New Year


By Charity Hagains MA LPC-S


Each new year brings with it an opportunity for growth and change.  Resolutions become cemented over a bowl of black-eyed peas for luck, in an effort to motivate us into becoming the “better” versions of ourselves.  In my office, I encourage people to stay away from these hardened resolute goals.  “Lose 10lbs, drink more water, eat healthier, save X amount of dollars, finally do that thing you’ve been putting off doing.” While these are not bad ideas, to the contrary they are great, they tend to set us on a path of perfectionism rather than motivate us for long lasting profound change.  The idea that happiness lies just on the other side of this achievement and once there life can truly begin, is a potentially disastrous notion that keeps us from happiness in this moment.  

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